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              About Us

              Guangdong hot & Air Conditioning Co. Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise, the company was founded more than 10 years, based on the demand of social development, is committed to innovation of air conditioning and heat pump technology upgrade, and continuously forge ahead, to achieve new glories.

              Company products include the whole series of multi scale energy recovery heat pump type air units, cold and hot water unit, heat pump unit type air conditioning unit, roof type air conditioner, precision air conditioning, dehumidifier, explosion-proof air conditioning and air handling equipment and air conditioning terminal device has a solution humidity and air units (evaporative condensing heat pump) recovery of multiple air units ..

              Service Hotline
              0757- 88364518 / 88364508 / 8364510
              1. Fax:0757-88364500 86688063
              3. Add:The town of Nanhai District in Guangdong province Foshan City Shiling Chen side section of State Road 321

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